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Personalized Art Sourcing


Anastasia Kitakis has been working on the global platform with international artists since 2003. During the last nine years of repeated European travel, she expanded upon Mediterranean connections. Through careful selection, she brings their craft to the US market.

Anastasia’s research often takes her to small villages where she seeks out the local crafters, visits studios, workshops and homes. On occasion, she even has the privilege of sharing meals with the artist’s family.   

Mediterra Vibe values the crafters skill, 

supports their labors, and brings their 

works to a broader audience.


Additionally, of equal importance to the 

vision for our expanding Mediterra Vibe 

collection - We value the artisan who

uses natural materials, and upholds safe

and ethical studio and workshop practice.

You are welcome to purview the Mediterra Vibe current collection. Each purchase of handmade craft supports the artist and makes a positive impact on our global richness.


 Let us assist you in adding value to your retail inventory.

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