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Wholesale Artisan Home Décor

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Categorizing functional art for mood and ambiance
is an endlessly charming, and vast, sourcing task.


Country/Regions Featured

Handcrafted works sourced from

Greece, Turkey, Morocco 



Functional Art for Décor

  ~ Beautifully crafted wood inlay board games

  ~ Charming wool felted ornaments

  ~ Intricate hammered copper trays of all sizes

  ~ Wide variety of one of a kind of ceramic urnspitchers

       and vessels deserving of a center showcase.

  ~ Colorful accent kilim pillow covers

  ~ Lamps made of mosaic, leather, wood carving, and gourds.

As we work with additional artists creating exceptional craft

for the US retailers market, you will be the first to find the discoveries here.

Stay tuned!

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