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Wholesale Handmade Rugs & Rug Remnant Pillow Covers

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Let us help you select from the range of handmade rugs we source from small family businesses, village cooperatives, and small workshop production. Each piece honors unique regional weaving traditions handed down through generations, influenced by climate, terrain, and available natural materials.

Country/Regions Featured 

Handmade textiles sourced from 

Greece, Turkey, Syria, & Albania. 

· Fibers

  Wool, cotton, silk or wool/cotton/silk blends,

  linen, velvet.


· Natural Dyes

  Most natural dyes are vegetable 

  dyes, main sources of which are

  derived from various parts of a 

  plant such as roots, stems, seeds.

  barks, leaves, and wood. There are 

  also biological sources.


· Indigo is a natural dye extracted from

  the leaves of the Indigofera genus. Deep

  black dye can be created using water, tanins,

  and iron, or from black walnut shell. Cherries 

  produce red, maroon, or even yellow dye. 

  Cherry tree roots can produce purple dye.

  Natural brown dyes are from trees such as

  walnut, butternut, chestnut, and oak. Yellow

  is obtained from onion skins, turmeric, cold

  tea, and/or rhubarb. The olive tree bark

  leaves and olive varieties provide greens

  and tans. 

· Techniques

  Hand woven, flat weave kilim, pile weave, 

  embroidery, soumak stitch, berber stitch,

  and more...

Currently Popular

· Donkey Saddle Rugs

  Small handmade pile rugs, traditionally lovingly made

  for the cherished family donkey as it's saddle rug. These

  have now become popular as a colorful, versatile rug for 

  the home. Average size 24" x 35", each unique design, 

  great retail inventory addition. Usual minimum 6pc./order

· Diamond Rugs

  Flat weave wool contemporary geometric design kilims 

  from Greece and Turkey, the bright colored

  "Diamond Collection". Sized as small as 2' x 5' to 8' x 10', 

  and long runners. Usual 3 piece order.

· Soumak Rugs

  Soumak stitched rugs, wall hangings, table runners from

  Greece. It is said, "The weaver who excels in his soumak 

  stitch weaving is more valued than the village doctor."

· Pillow Covers

  Kilim pillow covers made from rug remnants. The world 

  of color, design, and "wow" factor. True eye candy for retail

  display or customer home accents. 15" x 15", 24" x 24", some

  are rectangles, oversize, and floor pillows. 

  Minimum 24 piece order.

* Rugs offered in the Mediterra Vibe collection vary in
  availability, lead times, and minimum order quantity.
  Some are one-of-a-kind. 

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