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Sourcing For Retailers

Unique handmade ethically produced products

from the Mediterranean Basin for your shop.

MV Crafters Collage Image

Benefiting from 20 years of sourcing handmade artisan works,

Anastasia Kitakis has encapsulated that experience into Mediterra Vibe.

As of now, Autumn 2023, as Mediterra Vibe

has launched this introductory collection,

we are initially presenting works primarily

by Greek artists. The reason for this is simple; 

The works featured in this collection launch are 

by artists with whom Anastasia has personally

contracted wholesale quantity orders and

established trustworthy working relationships.

Best of all, their products have sold in galleries

and shops with great success and

retailer satisfaction. 

How This Works


Let’s talk! These catalog images are only a glimpse of the available product

line as Mediterra Vibe expands its regional connections. Culinary inventory,

exquisitely hand-turned wood craft, small handwoven rugs and embroidered

tablecloths, jewelry with a wide range of price points, functional

hand-hammered copper trays, or the wide wonderful world of hand-thrown

ceramics…. We are on it!   


In the world of handmade works, artisans vary in their creative process,

quantity availability, and lead time from order to delivery, not to mention

adding the language and shipping experience. Let us make the process

easy for you. In a brief discussion, we can assess your product sourcing

interests and lay the foundation for your handmade selections to

enhance your business success. 

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