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Wholesale Artisan Silk, Cotton, and Linen Products

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Pillow covers, tablecloths, placemats, wall hangings, bedspreads, shawls, and more...
Functional, handmade, and each a work of art.

We source from family businesses, village cooperatives, small workshops,

and occasionally from a grandmother producing with her weaving loom positioned next to her kitchen table.


Each piece honors unique regional weaving traditions handed down through generations,

influenced by climate, terrain, and available natural materials.


Country/Regions Featured 

Handmade textiles sourced from 

Greece, Turkey, Syria, Morocco 


· Natural Dyes

Most natural fiber dyes are vegetable 

dyes, main sources of which are

derived from various parts of a 

plant such as roots, stems, seeds.

barks, leaves, and wood. There are 

also biological sources.


Additionally, indigo is a natural dye 

extracted from the leaves of the 

Indigofera. Deep black dye is created 

with tannins and iron or from black 

walnut shell. 


Cherry tree roots produce purple dye.

Natural brown dyes are from the 

Walnut, butternut, chestnut and 

oak trees. The bark of the olive tree 

as well as its leaves, and varieties of 

colored olives provide a range of green 

and tan dyes. Yellow is obtained from

onion skins, turmeric, tea, and rhubarb.

· Techniques 

  Embroidery, knitting, crochet, hand weaving, quilting, 

  boil wool, sewing, knotting, braiding.


· Fibers

  Wool, cotton, silk or wool/cotton/silk blends, linen, velvet,

  Yarn. Also, sequins, ceramic beads 


· NO Synthetics 


  Proven Popularity in Retail:

· Embroidered Pillow Covers 

   Silk thread hand embroidered on cotton muslin secure zipper 

   Enclosure.  Intricate designs, each unique. We work with women’s 

   groups in villages in Turkey, Cypress, and Greece. Each 

   one-of-a-kind. Measurements approximately 15 x 15”. 

   Typical order is 24 pieces.  

· Blankets, Shawls and More 

   Variety of blankets and sizes, cotton, wool, or combination 

   of wool/silk/cotton.  Minimums vary with product.  


  Exquisite one-of-a-kind silk embroidered spreads, wall hangings,

  a variety of sizes.  Inquire about current product availability.

   Let us know the range of textile products that might be suitable for

your retail vision. We can show you a wide range of options. Colors,

textures, and the richness of handmade pieces can give that visual ‘pop’.

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