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Wholesale Artisan Handcrafted Ceramics

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We research ceramic works that exemplify multiple generations of craft technique and honor regional tradition. 

You will find in our sourced collection, functional ceramics that are

without a doubt, also gorgeous works of art. Why not? For dining, service ware, or decor accent,

art enriches every setting.


· Country/Regions Featured 

  Handcrafted ceramics sourced from Greece,

  Turkey, Cypress, and Italy. 


· Materials 

  Mediterranean Vibe offers a wide variety of handmade ceramics

  including terra-cotta, porcelain, earthenware, and stoneware.


· Techniques 

  Hand thrown on the wheel

  Hand Built



  Variations of hand painting - furthering the uniqueness

  of each piece.

· Functional Assortment 

  Dinnerware plates, cups, bowls, mugs, platters, kettles,

  vases, covered dishes, decorative vessels, lidded canisters. 


  All ceramic pieces are functional for food use 

  unless otherwise indicated.

In some cases, our ceramic workshop artists can custom

create to retail specifications regarding quantity orders

of a coordinated set of colors and/or design.  


Inquire about the possibilities.

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