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Wholesale Artisan Jewelry

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The Wide, Varied and Rich World of Adornment


Jewelry makers invited to our Mediterra Vibe handmade family have a reliable

collection of work less likely to be found in the general USA market. 


· Materials

Brass, leather, gems, ceramic, shell,

sterling silver, macrame, wire, tin,

beads, stone, fabric, wood, copper


· Techniques

glazing, beadwork, wood cut,

engraving, wire wrap, painting, 

twine, oxidation, souldering

We look for the jewelry crafter:

     · who is often incorporating natural resources         in their region

     · who is creating pieces that embody a

       sensibility of  the artist’s regional traditions

     · who delights us with ornamental 

       wearable pieces that are a creative 

       outburst of the artist’s vision

Our team is dedicated to do the initial discriminating for you. 

We present to you a portfolio with a broad range of concepts, materials, price points

and esthetic sensibilities from the Mediterranean Region.

Let’s talk! Let’s select the most suitable products from our handmade collection for your retail business.

We all know that intriguing jewelry brings repeat customers.

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