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Wholesale Artisan Wood Craft

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Handmade wooden products that Mediterra Vibe presents are sustainably harvested*,

crafted by family business, region cooperatives, or small workshops.


Often, the wood is annually sourced and cured right on the artisan’s

own family renewable orchards, invested in replanting care.


· Country/Regions Featured

  Greece, Syria, Italy


· Sourced Woods

  Walnut, cork, oleander, beech, 

  Aleppo Pine, jute, cedar,

  and of course, olive 


· Techniques


  hand carved

  bent wood

  carving and sculpture



  incorporating stone and gems

· Rich World of Functional Wood Craft

  Among the wide variety of wood craft from 

  reliable artisans: tableware, utensils, and 

  serving bowls and sets, home accent 

  pieces and outdoor décor, beautiful game 

  boards, children’s natural toys, jewelry, 

  boxes, picture frames, holiday ornaments

· The options for the Retailer are many,

   whether expanding your current culinary

   inventory, decorative accents, or looking for

   new wood products from reliable sources,

   the options are many.  

The retailer who carries ethically sourced, handmade wood products, is the shop

that breathes natural richness of the earth. It is tangible. Among our reliable wood artisans,

let’s see what inventory enhances your store's success.

We are here to work with you.

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